APEX - Association for Positive Ethical eXchange


(The APEX Pledge is able to be copied in total and displayed from any APEX Member website but may not be adapted in any way and is not to be confused with the Code of Ethics {CoE} or the Ethics Pledge Declaration of Ethics.)

As an authorized representative of an APEX-member site, I/we pledge that I/we will:

• Never knowingly treat others with disrespect in any public form of communication;

• Never make assumptions about another’s intent. Instead, I/we will seek clarification when the intent is not obvious;

• Demonstrate fairness and be forthcoming in agreements, whether the exchange be in the form of goods, services, information or conversation;

• Only request confidentiality prior to stating that which I/we wish to remain confidential. Further, if I/we have agreed to confidentiality, I/we shall honor such agreement;

• Never initiate a dispute. Further, if confronted by a dispute I/we shall request the services of the APEX Disputes Service;

• Agree to be bound by the decision of any APEX Dispute Committee convened on my/our behalf or the decision of the Director of Disputes that my/our dispute does not warrant the convening of a Dispute Committee;

• Agree to make a positive and ongoing contribution as a member of APEX, to ensure my/our continued involvement within this ethics community;

• Agree not to affiliate with any group which defames others or has an agenda not consistent with the mission of APEX.


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