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APEX .RDF Information

The APEX metadata schema, which includes the APEX.RDF as a page element achieves ontology-based metadata by semantic annotation. Human readers have an understanding of web page content and software agents can interpret existing information.

The APEX seal of approval and trust in the highest ideals of ethical practices concerning our members products and practices by Internet users is enhanced two fold:
• • By machines (our APEX.RDF)
• • and humans
who comprise the APEX Director of Audits and staff. Audits of members, membership requirements, are conducted on a uniform and consistent basis.


Any member of APEX may adopt the APEX metadata scheme in whole or part whichever applies.�Adoption does not constitute a Membership requirement. Adoption is completely voluntary however the schema is provided as a value added benefit of APEX Membership in good standing.

Best practice inclusion of this .RDF would be on the page where Memberships are found.�If you do not have a Memberships section then your main or index page will be sufficient. It is not intended for inclusion on every page so the task of utilizing any or all of the APEX metadata schema is simple and straight forward.�One line of code on your web page.�An example is provided below which may vary depending upon the particular HTML code version you use. Merely download the .RDF file into your main directory and insert the below code.

The code below looks for the apex.rdf in the rdf folder but if you placed your .rdf file in the root directory instead of an rdf folder simply remove the rdf folder reference from the code.

‹link rel=“meta” href=“Insert your URL/rdf/apex.rdf” type=“application/rdf+xml” title=“APEX label” /›


Creative Commons License. Link opens in a new window Metadata: Building Community by Association for Positive Ethical eXchange (APEX) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License

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