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Award Program Owners, Organizations, Memberships and Associations Implementation.

Metadata can include either a minimum of meta elements, be expandable to encompass the Dublin Core or simply add a some very important ones like language, country, author and character set.

A meta element not usually considered is “memberships” and to maintain consistency the name is plural.


Any member of APEX may adopt the APEX metadata schema�in whole or part - whichever applies.�Adoption does not constitute a Membership requirement as adoption is completely voluntary however, the schema is provided as a value added benefit of APEX Membership in good standing.

The example below would be configured for your particular HTML language and would include organizations in which an APEX Member holds memberships these organizations also being members of APEX with a list of the relevant organizations being published in a glossary available at APEX.

In the metadata section of an APEX member website, usually in the Memberships and / or the Index page, the following code is inserted. (Use within other site pages is optional.)

‹meta name=“memberships” content=“Association for Positive Ethical eXchange, include your other memberships using a standard nomenclature and approved referencing”›


Creative Commons License. Link opens in a new window Metadata: Building Community by Association for Positive Ethical eXchange (APEX) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License

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