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When a common understanding is achieved, differences in a terms application resolution is possible. Only when we have a common understanding can we communicate without filtered listening. Systems and programs are not different from we individuals; they can share and communicate very effectively through “metadata.”

Most organizations and / or award program owners use a range of systems to present information. Each of these systems, in turn, uses its own set of categories (metadata) to organize the information it stores. A taxonomy is a structure that represents understanding of the content it possesses and uses and allows for creation which can centrally manage the controlled vocabularies and metadata that apply to all content. These vocabularies and metadata can then be consumed by a search application to return content in context.

The next step in integrating taxonomy with search is to tag content with terms from the taxonomy. This process applies an extra layer of controlled metadata to content that can then be leveraged by a search application.

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User notes: The boxes titled Meta Elements Memberships, APEX.RDF and Awardprogrammemberships.RDF are linked to further information.

Metadata Schema

Metadata Element Memberships APEX.RDF Information This is a test Award Program Memberships.RDF

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The vision is to involve all types of websites with the exclusion of those not acceptable to APEX as specified within their Charter developing specifically appropriate .rdf files.

APEX Members constitute the backbone of representative websites on the Internet. APEX provides value added assistance, resources and vision and our latest effort has taken several years. There is an approaching of critical mass - tools, schemas and validators along with interconnected databases. These are growing world wide each taking parts of the other - not having to write out complex code line by line and drawing on the vast resources of the Internet. APEX can, should and will be a vital part of this progress.

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Your APEX badge with ID and the apex.rdf technically work together identifying you as someone whose website practices ethics and the principles of APEX. Access implementation and benefits information.

Any member of APEX may adopt the APEX metadata scheme in whole or part - whichever applies.�Adoption does not constitute a membership requirement. Adoption is completely voluntary however the schema is provided as a value added benefit of APEX membership in good standing.

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